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Here's Everything You Get Today When You Enroll In The ALL-NEW Messenger Bots for Entrepreneurs V 2.0 COURSE: 

  •  MODULE 1: Messenger Bot Setup & Understanding ManyChat
  •  MODULE 2: The Foundation - Building Your First Bot Step-by-Step
  •  MODULE 3: Intermediate & Advanced Messenger Growth Strategies
  •  MODULE 4: Full Chatbot Funnel Case-Studies - Everything You Need To Create Your Chatbot Funnel From Start To Finish
  •  MODULE 5: Building Bots as a Service - Starting Your Profitable Chatbot Agency
  •  MODULE 6: Actually Selling Chatbots To Clients - How To CLOSE The Sale
  •  MODULE 7: Chatbot Monetization Secrets
  •  MODULE 8: Bots for Webinars, Auto-Webinars, and Video Sales Presentations
  •  COURSE BONUS #1: FULL Set of Complete, Ready-to-Go 1-Click Chatbot Templates (Sell these instantly for fast profits!)
  • COURSE BONUS #2: Instant Bot Portfolio Website (show off your skills to your new clients!) 
  • COURSE BONUS #3: Instant Authority RUSH - How to Get 3,500+ REAL, Niche-specific, followers on your FB Fan Page  (build a massive, targeted following on FB!)
  • COURSE BONUS #4:​The "Instant Client Closer" Slide Deck (hit the messaging JUST RIGHT to close new clients who are on the fence about working with you!)
  • COURSE BONUS #5: The Definitive Chatbot Seller Pricing Sheet (never guess again about what you should be charging for each bot!)
  • COURSE BONUS #6: The $10K/mnth Bot Agency Blueprint Training + Instant Bot Download To Re-Sell Right Away (understand the quickest path to creating a successful chatbot agency from home!) 
  • COURSE BONUS #7: Easy Client Outreach Templates (not sure how to start the conversation with potential new clients? these copy-paste templates make it super easy!)
  • COURSE BONUS #8: 7-Figure Chatbot Case Study - How Our Student is Closing $12K - $20K per WEEK With Chatbots (ADVANCED training with one of our students who is making 7-Figures+!)
"Brought On New Light To What I'm Capable of Doing... Thanks Nico"
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  • If you want to generate CONSISTENT leads and sales for your online business 
  •  If you're brand new and want to create a wildly PROFITABLE online business
  •  If you need direction to create immensely profitable Chatbots FAST (from someone who's actually done it)
  •  If you have an existing High-Ticket offer you'd like to sell WAY more of 
  •  If you're an Agency Owner who wants to charge more AND deliver even better results for your clients
  •  If you're a Network Marketer who wants a way to consistently grow your downline
  •  If you want the same training as others who are starting $10K /mnth business 
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When you sign up today, here is everything you get access to...
Scroll down to Get Step-by-Step Guidance + Fast-Track Templates From The #1 Messenger Bot Training On The Market...

Week 1 - Messenger Bot Fast-Path Setup + Overview

  •  Understanding the Value & Purpose of Messenger Bots
  •  Where to USE Bots in my business? and my clients businesses?
  •  Facebook™ Rules & Regulations for Messenger Chatbots
  •  Your BOT Fast-Path Setup & Overview

Week 2 - Planning + Building Your Profitable ChatBot Step-by-Step

  •  The 3 Questions you NEED to be clear on before starting to build
  •  How do I make my initial Facebook™ post?
  •  How do I hook up my bot to the post correctly?
  •  How do I know what to say? (Writing high-converting conversation sequences & flows)
  •  How to run your bot as an Ad

Week 3 - The Full Bot Sales Funnel + Million Dollar Chatbot Sequence

  •  Understanding the different types of Chatbot funnels
  •  The Proven 7-Figure Framework for Creating the PERFECT Chatbot Sequence 
  •  How to make it work for your specific offers
  • Using the Secret Chatbot REF URL in your marketing & sales
  •  Crucial Steps you need to remember (that most people forget!)

Week 4 - Setting Your Bot Live

  •  Hooking Up Everything Properly Before Setting Live
  •  Choosing The Right Growth Tool To Get Traffic Into Your Bot
  •  Using the FB Comments Growth Tool
  • Tags, Sorting, and Automation (Advanced Strategies)
  •  Final Touches that Will Save You MAJOR Headaches (And $$$) Later On

Module 5 - The Profitable Bot Agency

  •  FULL Tutorial & Overview Of How To Start Your Successful Chatbot Agency Step-by-Step
  • Working ChatBot Template You Can Re-Sell To Clients Instantly (Plus More In the Bonuses)
  • The 2 Easiest Ways To Find New Clients
  •  The "NON-SALESY" Client Attraction Method
  •  The Client Demo (How To Actually Close Clients and Get Paid)

Module 6 - Bots for Auto-Webinars & Live Webinars

  •  How to Exponentially Increase Your Webinar Results with Bots
  • General Strategy & Overview Training
  • Bots for LIVE Webinars
  •  Bots for Auto-Webinars, VSLs, and Any Other Sales Video
  • Full Tech Integration Setup Guide
+ Much MUCH More... 
You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses When You Act Now...
Bonus #1 - Your Full, Working 1-Click Chatbot CLONE

The exact Chatbot that I personally used to make over $12,000 in the first week, and the EXACT same one I model sell to clients for $5,000 over and over again. 

It's yours. Download instantly, plug in your info, and GO!
Bonus #2 - Bot Portfolio Website Template 

The easiest way to show off your work as a Chatbot Consultant to get clients impressed and lining up to work with you. Now, you can save time and money with your full, working, professional 1-Click Website.
Bonus #3 - The Perfect Proposal Template

Download the EXACT 1-Page Proposal Template I personally have used to secure high-end clients. Don't guess and let sales fall through at the last minute! Just download, change a few words, and seal the deal!
Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Mindset Training

Discover the REAL reason WHY certain people fail while others succeed. I can personally say that mindset has saved my LIFE (really), and here you'll discover how set your self up for long-term success despite any hard days or obstacles that may arise in your journey.
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"I love working with Nico! His courses are amazing and he breaks down the concepts into easily digestible pieces, but his content is highly actionable! I get so much value from his courses and my latest fav is the Chatbot course! I was already using chatbots in my business but this info has taken my knowledge to the next level and given me several profitable ideas and a solid foundation on both how they work and how to use them in my business. His course is GOLD. And it will make you GOLD. Thanks Nico for helping me level up my business and profits!!"

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"It's Basically Insane, The Value That You Get Inside..."

"It's basically insane, the value that you get inside for the money that you pay... The bots are not going anywhere - it's only a matter of WHEN you're gonna start implementing them in your business, it's not a matter of "IF"... Big shoutout to Nico and the course, it's a great value, and you've gotta be insane to not get it!"

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"Straight To The Point with No-Fluff"

"Straight to the point with "NO-fluff". 
Awesome information with a truly step-by-step layout... 
Loved it!"

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"This Course Went From A-Z"

 I was always into digital marketing, but literally all of the different programs i dived into were lacking meat ( content wise). When i was introduced to messenger bots i found that this  course went from A-Z instead of like most other programs ... (A-W). 

Nico's  knowledge and walkthroughs are very meaty and he knows what he is talking about. I liked the program  so much that i even became one of his  coaching students. 

I liked his realness and authenticity, even from the first day i signed up for bots him and I connected instantly. He's a real genuine dude...the way his attitude is it reflects the quality of the content distributed. 

-Caleb , Harrisburg, PA
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As Promised on The Webinar, here is a FREE Chatbot TEMPLATE you can use right away... And if you like this FREE one, you will LOVE the ones that are included in the course! 

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